It is our priority that the exhibition stand should be aesthetically appealing with visual excellence and at the same time functional, knowing that our customers will use during the fair as an office and showroom.

Lidya Design designs exhibition booths that will bring the visual awareness of its brands and products one step ahead of its competitors, in line with the needs of our attendants and marketing targets in domestic and international fair organisations. From 3D design to production and installation, we walk with you every step of the way. "We are pleased to have a joint solution point of different ideas" as Lidya Design; From A to Z, we continue to sign our successful organisations, relying on our unique and self-explanatory designs for each sector, the years of experience and the productivity of our dynamic team.


Exhibition booth construction requires as much attention as design. As Lidya Design, we speed up the process by offering our clients many alternative ideas in this regard. After the 3D design presentation approval the exhibition stand goes into production stage. Our expert, experienced production team in the field gives the final look to the exhibition booth using the right equipment. Booth applications consisting of production, transportation, assembly and disassembly stages provide your turnkey service with your professional team's meticulous and skillful work.


Wooden exhibition booths are the type that is most suitable for your marketing goals, which are designed with the prestigious visual elements and may supported by the concept options that make your products stand out. The wooden booth is machined precisely through the production of timber plates, CNC and sizing cuts. The quality of the material is applied to the exhibition area without problems and the work is carried out with the necessary skill and rigor from disassembly to shipment without damaging the material during dismantling ...


Maxima exhibition booth is produced at Lidya Design workshop up to 1500 m2. The general construction of the booth consists of aluminum profiles and is covered with wooden material. Maxima booth installation requires as much rigor as a wooden booth. The Lidya Design application team works with great precision in the production, assembly and disassembly phases. Thus, the installation of the design booths can be realised without facing any problems ...


The modular booth, also known as the Octanorm booth, is flexible and multifunctional with building materials, accessories used and budget-conscious designs. In this system, which is prepared with the logic similar to the maksima booths, aluminum material is combined and fiberboard is passed between. It increases your awareness in the exhibition area with visual coatings applied on the modular booth which can be produced up to 1000 m2. Multiple usable modular booths can be installed, assembled and disassembled in a fairly simple and fast manner, even in the most rush times of your exhibition organisation ...

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